10 Fun Facts about Gummy Bears

Everyone loves gummy bears; with their colorful shapes and sweet flavour. Gummy bears represent a part of our childhood for so many us.

So here are a few fun facts about this universally loved sugar treat:

1. green gummy bears have a strawberry flavour!

2. Candy maker Hans Riegel invented gummy bears in 1922.

3. The transparent gummy bears are pineapple flavoured.

4. There is a gummy bear sweater and a very cute poem about it.

5. It’s easy to make jewellery out of gummy bears. Looks funky and is a lot of fun while making it. Google it for more details and instructions.

6. You can also make gummy bear popsicles.

7. The biggest gummy bear on the planet has a weight of 26 pounds and has over 32,000 calories.

8. These cute looking candies are fat-free, gluten-free and GMO-free. So kids can rejoice and eat these funky sugar treats without parents feeling guilty about it.

9. Gummy bears are a great treat to have after a work-out as they’re a fast-digesting carb and replenish the glycogen lost during the work-out.

10. Now you can also indulge in filled gummy bears that have fillings like delicious blueberry, sweet cherry and juicy green apple.